Making things with tea towels (Part 3 of a 3 part series!)

Knitting needle case

Knitting Case

This make is the simplest one of the lot! Although as I don’t actually knit possibly a bit pointless……. luckily I know people who do so this will be given with love to someone else!

All you need are the tea towel, thread, scissors, sewing machine (could always hand-stitch) and some ribbon.

Firstly decide on the dimensions: I folded the top of the tea towel over by about 10cm and the bottom up (so there was an overlap) by about 20-25cm. Make sure the bottom edge is overlapping the top so that the needles can go in the pockets!

Sew down the two outside edges all the way along. Then, at regular intervals sew between the join and the bottom edge to create the pockets. You can measure them out to be precise or just wing it (which is obviously what I did….)

Oh, forgot to mention about putting the ribbon in when sewing the edges. Cut enough so that it will easily tie around the rolled up tea towel and knitting needles, fold in half and place the fold within one of the edges (about halfway along). Make sure it gets sewn in!


Making things with tea towels (Part 2 of a 3 part series!)

Tea Towel Tablecloth


Here’s a simple idea to make a quick, inexpensive and completely washable tablecloth. All I used was a pack of tea towels from the supermarket, an old table runner (obviously this isn’t needed I just didn’t buy enough tea towels!), pins, needle and thread (I did some of the sewing on a machine but it’s not essential) and a bit of time.

First of all I stitched together the tea towels along the shortest edge- don’t worry about things not being completely neat this just adds to the charm! Then I used the sewing machine to stitch the red runner along the middle of the tea towels.

Simple! This is ideal for covering a picnic table- just remember to weigh it down with something heavy if it’s a bit breezy.

Making things with tea towels (Part 1 of a 3 part series!)

Tea towels are marvellous things that don’t have to be used for the dull job of drying dishes. Spurred on by an article in Ideal Home magazine, when I saw some brightly coloured tea towels in Wilko’s I had to try my hand at making some of the ideas.

Tea Cosy

Make your own tea cosy

This lovely apple patterned tea cosy was the first project I had a go at. We only use a teapot occasionally but when we do the second cuppa is never quite hot enough for my liking, so I thought I’d give making a tea cosy a go.

What you will need:

Fabric (two types- one for the outside and one for the inside), thin wadding, paper for the pattern, scissors, thread, pins, sewing machine.

  • First off draw your pattern. I measured up against the teapot, added extra then extra again for the seam! I drew the pattern freehand but I suppose a compass or dinner plate would come in handy to get a smart curve.
  • Cut out two pieces from the fabric for inside the cosy (I used an old sheet) and then two pieces from the tea towel. Remember that you want any pattern the right way up on both sides of the tea cosy….. I didn’t and have upside down apples on one side!
  • Sew together the straight edges of the outside and inside fabric (right sides in).
  • At this point I turned the fabric right way round and then placed the wadding sandwiched between and cut it to fit.
  • All you have to do now (again right side in) is sew through all the layers along the curved side. The layers should be in the following order: inside fabric, wadding, tea towel, tea towel, wadding, inside fabric.

Turn your tea cosy right side out and pop it on your teapot! Marvel at how the tea stays that extra bit warmer!