Things to Frame

This post will cover a lot of other ones that I’ve done in the past- a best of clips collection I guess! There are so many different things that look good in a frame and so many things that get collected and then put in a drawer/ cupboard that could actually be on the wall making you smile. Clearly there are loads more ideas out there for frame inspiration- however I only have so many walls/ shelves/ radiator cabinets to display them all!

Postage stamp art

This is one of my favourite things that I’ve made recently- it was a long time coming and required patience but the finished picture was worth all the effort! The stamps came from my childhood stamp collection and are mounted on accurately measured foam pads.

Pen line drawing artwork

This picture is an original piece of artwork by my Dad! My husband had been admiring my Dad’s sketches and drawings when we went to visit in the summer and this framed picture of the family home was one of his presents for Christmas. A lovely surprise and perfect for the mantelpiece.

Wall pictures

Here’s a few pictures that are on the wall in the hallway. The leopard cub is a birthday card, the picture of Prague is a postcard and the orchid drawing is from a natural history magazine. All things that would otherwise have ended up in a box somewhere or being recycled!

Framed vintage map

This is a close-up of a vintage map (it’s actually a brand new reproduction of an old map) of Hull, where we live. I could stare at maps of places I know for hours, especially old ones. Knowing which places have always been around and which are new, finding out what was there before fulfills a deep curiousity in the past and my present surroundings. I would definitely recommend buying some old maps to study and display.

Box frame memories

Again, this is a previous post on creating a memory box frame. The deepness of the frame means things such as champagne corks, shells and other trinkets can be displayed. The perfect way to remember a happy occasion/ great holiday.

Framed Wallpaper

The simplest and cheapest idea of them all- framing scraps of wallpaper. Either use some wallpaper left over from another project or do what we did and get some free samples at the DIY store of your favourite patterns! The clip frame is a bargain from Ikea. There are so many lovely wallpapers available online that would look great as framed pictures and most sites will send out a number of designs for free as test samples.

So which ideas have you already used in your house? Let me know of all the good ideas I’ve missed!



Memory Box Frame

I have been meaning to display some of the things kept from our honeymoon to Italy for ages (it was over two years ago!) and finally got around to buying a box frame (about £2.50 from The Range) last week.

Ideas for a memory box frame

I planned out how I wanted the bits and pieces arranged, using the most colourful and memorable ticket stubs as well as a champagne cork and the ribbon from our wedding cake. For the background I used a lovely piece of cream paper with little silver dots on and laid the ribbons across this at the bottom. Everything has just been fixed down using double-sided tape apart from the Coliseum ticket in the centre which I used sticky pads to raise it up a bit.

Memory box frame

All in all an easy way to display treasured memories!

Lacey Ideas

Lace vase and photoframe

I was looking through a box of fabric and wool that I had sitting around and found some wide lace trim. It made me remember an idea in Ideal Home magazine for customising vases and photo frames using lace.

The photo frame first- I had this lovely silver frame that a friend had given me and I hadn’t managed to put a picture in it. I thought this would be ideal for a pretty lace background. I used some handmade pink paper as the background, placed the lace trim on top and then cut out a couple of rose photos that I had. All together it made for a striking picture.

The vase didn’t take any time at all. I bought a flat sided glass vase from the supermarket for £3.50 and placed the lace trim round the base. I secured it with a few stitches but I’m sure some fabric glue would work just as well.

Both the frame and vase together look so pretty!

Postage stamp art

Postage Stamps Art

On one of my visits home I picked up the stamp collection book that I did when young. It seemed a shame that all the colourful stamps would just stay in the book never to be looked at so I decided to make a picture out of some of them. I took out all the stamps of a similar size and sorted them into colour groups. Then I arranged them on some plain cream card as a rainbow starting from the top left corner going down to the bottom right corner. The stamps are stuck to the card using those little foam pads you can buy for card craft. I made sure the pads were measured precisely so that the stamps wouldn’t look wonky!

The frame was a cheap one from The Range and I cut the mount to size around the stamps.

Very pleased with the end result- at the moment it is propped on the picture ledge in the spare bedroom.

I am hoping to do some more stamp art with the bigger stamps from the collection- work in progress so far!