Christmas Card Holder

Christmas Card Holder

I love all the different ways to display cards! Not that there’s anything wrong with lining them up on the mantelpiece or bookcase of course…. My card holder was bought from dotcomgiftshop and goes with the red and white theme I try to keep to. When I say try I actually mean fail miserably in keeping to! There’s far to many pretty Christmas decorations to buy and make for me to keep to one theme! In later posts I shall show you some of the decorations I have. I’ve been decorating since Saturday and still haven’t quite finished…

Fruits and Nuts

Satsumas and walnuts

Satsumas always remind me of Christmas even though I love to eat them whenever they are in the shops. There was always a satsuma and some gold chocolate coins at the bottom of my stocking on Christmas morning. Any nuts still in their shells screams festive! These walnuts were bought for a salad a few weeks ago and of course will probably still be around by Christmas day! The cakestand, by the way, was a purchase from dotcomgiftshop last year.

Bathroom Decorations!

Bathroom Decoration

I think every room in the house deserves a bit of festive glitter, including the bathroom. In fact, the bathroom gets used quite often by yourself and any visitors! I was given some little silver baubles one year and they now live in the pots of cotton wool and cotton buds. The Christmas towels were a present last year from my Nanny- just the thing to put a smile on my face!

NOEL Canvas Decoration

NOEL canvas decoration

I saw this idea on the Hobby Craft website (really useful for craft projects), and thought it would look great sitting on a shelf or windowsill, or even displayed on the wall.

I bought three quite deep box canvases (6 inch square) from The Range- whatever size canvases you want but probably square are best. The font was one I picked from all those available on Word, I went for a simple but bold font and then added the stars using the available shapes in Word. Print the letters out to the right size, then you can stick this onto some thin card and cut out the letters to make a stencil. Paint the letters onto each canvas, I’ve used this bright red but of course use whichever colour you fancy. Maybe try using different words- JOY or PEACE perhaps for the Christmas season.

Pretty Poinsettia

Christmas Poinsettia

Last year I bought a poinsettia (from Tesco if I remember rightly!) and it lasted until after Christmas. I love the festive colour and how it brightens up the otherwise dark interior of the fireplace in the front room. I will probably be doing exactly the same this year! Just remember that they don’t like too draughty or too hot positions.

Postage stamp art

Postage Stamps Art

On one of my visits home I picked up the stamp collection book that I did when young. It seemed a shame that all the colourful stamps would just stay in the book never to be looked at so I decided to make a picture out of some of them. I took out all the stamps of a similar size and sorted them into colour groups. Then I arranged them on some plain cream card as a rainbow starting from the top left corner going down to the bottom right corner. The stamps are stuck to the card using those little foam pads you can buy for card craft. I made sure the pads were measured precisely so that the stamps wouldn’t look wonky!

The frame was a cheap one from The Range and I cut the mount to size around the stamps.

Very pleased with the end result- at the moment it is propped on the picture ledge in the spare bedroom.

I am hoping to do some more stamp art with the bigger stamps from the collection- work in progress so far!

Smarten up a Boring Noticeboard

Want a new way of displaying all those cards and postcards that are too pretty to throw away? Need to smarten up your noticeboard so all the bills or reminders for appointments don’t look so depressing? This post will show you how with a bit of paper, some ribbon and pins.

Noticeboard Materials

What you will need: Cork noticeboard (I got this one from a supermarket for £2.75), wrapping paper or wallpaper, ribbon or string (I used elastic ribbon), drawing pins, double sided tape, scissors.

Measuring Noticeboard Paper

I started off by trimming the wrapping paper to the size of the outside edge of the noticeboard (i.e. cork board + outer wooden frame). This meant I had enough paper to fold under to get a sharp edge, and perfect fit. Step two is to fold under the edges of the paper so it is the exact size of the cork board. If you have stiffer paper than I did, just trim to the size of the cork board. Place double sided tape in each corner of the paper and position the paper (the right way up) on the cork board and press the corners down to secure in place.

Noticeboard Ribbon

Now comes the slightly tricky bit – pinning the ribbon. Place a loop in the end of the ribbon to put the pin through. Start off by pinning the ribbon from corner to corner. I pinned one end of the ribbon before pulling it across the board and trimming it to the correct length, ensuring that the ribbon could be pulled tight once pinned down.

Noticeboard Ribbon Final Layout

Next do the other diagonal exactly the same as before to make a cross on the board. Now add more diagonals to make a criss-cross pattern. It’s easiest to mark off pinning points a third of the way along each side of the board. These pinning points will have two pieces of ribbon originating from them, so remember to pin both of these at the same time. As before, make loops in the ribbon and pin one end down, then stretch the ribbon across to the other side of the board.

Finished Noticeboard

Wherever the ribbon crosses itself place a pin. This creates more tension in the ribbons to secure whatever you decide to place on the board. The noticeboard is now finished and ready to fill with pretty postcards or mundane bills!

Making things with tea towels (Part 3 of a 3 part series!)

Knitting needle case

Knitting Case

This make is the simplest one of the lot! Although as I don’t actually knit possibly a bit pointless……. luckily I know people who do so this will be given with love to someone else!

All you need are the tea towel, thread, scissors, sewing machine (could always hand-stitch) and some ribbon.

Firstly decide on the dimensions: I folded the top of the tea towel over by about 10cm and the bottom up (so there was an overlap) by about 20-25cm. Make sure the bottom edge is overlapping the top so that the needles can go in the pockets!

Sew down the two outside edges all the way along. Then, at regular intervals sew between the join and the bottom edge to create the pockets. You can measure them out to be precise or just wing it (which is obviously what I did….)

Oh, forgot to mention about putting the ribbon in when sewing the edges. Cut enough so that it will easily tie around the rolled up tea towel and knitting needles, fold in half and place the fold within one of the edges (about halfway along). Make sure it gets sewn in!


Tin can pen pot

Tin can pen pot

I’m always annoyed with pens lying around and have been meaning to get a pen pot. Instead of buying one, I thought I’d use a tin can (this one was from chopped tomatoes in case you’re interested!) I gave it a good clean and then covered it with some cream vinyl that was left over from making our corner desk. Where the material joins isn’t the neatest but for a quick solution I think it’s pretty good! Also in the picture is the toast rack I’m using to keep bits of paper tidy!

Making things with tea towels (Part 2 of a 3 part series!)

Tea Towel Tablecloth


Here’s a simple idea to make a quick, inexpensive and completely washable tablecloth. All I used was a pack of tea towels from the supermarket, an old table runner (obviously this isn’t needed I just didn’t buy enough tea towels!), pins, needle and thread (I did some of the sewing on a machine but it’s not essential) and a bit of time.

First of all I stitched together the tea towels along the shortest edge- don’t worry about things not being completely neat this just adds to the charm! Then I used the sewing machine to stitch the red runner along the middle of the tea towels.

Simple! This is ideal for covering a picnic table- just remember to weigh it down with something heavy if it’s a bit breezy.