Lovely Wisteria

Today the weather seems finally to be turning into Summer (or at least the end of Spring!) The day was warm, the sky was clear and the birds could be heard tweeting! The backyard still needs a lot of tidying done, even after the start made a few weeks ago. For starters the deck desperately needs to be scrubbed and re-varnished, the table and chairs cleaned, weeds removed from the gravel and paving slabs, the list is quite a long one! For now however, I will content myself with looking at the lovely wisteria that we have trained along the willow fencing. It isn’t even rooted in our backyard but it covers quite a few of the neighbours walls with it’s beautiful pale purple flowers.

Spring Flowers and Showers

The weather in the last month has been as changeable as any you would expect for Spring. No wonder it is a very British occupation to spend so much time discussing and fretting about what weather the day will bring.

Small Yellow Daffodils

In mid-March were the hottest days seen for a long time- I spent a good few hours sat outside in the backyard getting a few rays of sunshine on my pale Winter skin! This soon gave way (as is always the case) to overnight frosts and a return to snow in some parts of East Yorkshire. The past week has seen the typical April Showers appear, just as hosepipe bans are put in place across the country. Today has been especially bad with hail and rain and sun in equal measure.

Tulips in the Hallway

Oh, to be in a country where the sun always shines! But of course that would mean no lovely Spring flowers to brighten the house with. From tiny pale yellow daffodils, looking lovely against my new throw, to my absolute favourite flower the tulip, bright yellow in the hallway.


Just to complete the Springtime joy are these wonderful purple and pink hyacinths with their strong, fresh aroma. Luckily I had enough vases for all of them!

New Year Flowers


Hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year! Just thought I’d post a couple of pictures of the lovely flowers I was bought. The scent of lilies is filling the room now, mingling with the pine needles!


Quick tip- if you get any of the lily pollen on fabric (managed to get it on the curtains!) don’t rub it in with a cloth or wet it, use a small paintbrush to remove it. No stains, no problem!