Weekend Checklist

Around the house there is always loads of jobs to do, most of them have been pending for years! This weekend I’ve written a checklist and have already ticked off four jobs. Obviously the list will grow and will take more than one weekend, however hopefully the good start will continue and soon those niggly little jobs will all be done…

Extra shelf

Here’s the current list:

  • Put up extra shelf in front room
  • Buy DVD storage for shelves in front room
  • Dye front room curtains
  • Buy and fit new towel rail in bathroom
  • Buy and fit new shower-head
  • Finish tile grouting around bathroom sink
  • Replace bathroom light
  • Repaint hallway, stairs and landing
  • Put curtain pole up properly in bedroom
  • Finish and paint skirting in kitchen
  • Cover fireplace in kitchen
  • Buy and fit new kitchen light


New Door Knobs

Our house is a traditional Victorian/ Edwardian terrace and has some lovely ‘features’ that date to when it was built or at least shortly after. Amongst them are the door knobs/ handles and fingerplates that are on many of the doors both upstairs and down.

Original Handles

I think the fingerplates are brass (I’m no expert) and they have a feel of the Art Deco period about them. Unfortunately, on both the front and back room doors downstairs these original knobs and fingerplates weren’t there. After searching for similar on eBay and spending quite a few years with very cheap plastic ones, we finally bought these.

New Door Handle

Not the same as the originals but still in keeping with the house. I love the size of them and that they’re ceramic instead of wood/ metal. Took ages to screw on though- the holes for the screws are below the knob itself so makes getting a screwdriver in almost impossible!