Necklace Noticeboard

I’ve already done a past blog on customising a noticeboard to display the usual things noticeboards are used for. While doing that I thought how perfect it would be to use little hooks instead to display necklaces and bracelets. I have mine in a big pot and find it a nightmare in the morning, when in a rush, to find the one I want and then untangle it from all the others. This is the perfect way to have them all at hand and looks good enough to be on display all the time.

Making a Necklace Noticeboard

All you need is a noticeboard (supermarket buy at £2.75), some small hooks (any good DIY or craft store), wrapping paper (or wallpaper or fabric) and a bit of double sided sticky tape.

Paper on Noticeboard

Firstly, cut out the paper to size. I cut it to be slightly bigger than the cork part of noticeboard and then crisply folded it to fit and give straight edges. At each corner and half way along each edge I put a bit of double sided sticky tape. I then stuck the paper to the cork.

Hooks on Noticeboard

I placed the hooks where I wanted to screw them in. I decided on three rows- two for necklaces and one at the bottom for bracelets. All you need to do now is to screw the hooks in place.

Finished Necklace Noticeboard

There you have it, a perfect way to display all your necklaces and bracelets! You could stand this up on a set of drawers or even hang it up on your bedroom wall.

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