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Lace vase and photoframe

I was looking through a box of fabric and wool that I had sitting around and found some wide lace trim. It made me remember an idea in Ideal Home magazine for customising vases and photo frames using lace.

The photo frame first- I had this lovely silver frame that a friend had given me and I hadn’t managed to put a picture in it. I thought this would be ideal for a pretty lace background. I used some handmade pink paper as the background, placed the lace trim on top and then cut out a couple of rose photos that I had. All together it made for a striking picture.

The vase didn’t take any time at all. I bought a flat sided glass vase from the supermarket for £3.50 and placed the lace trim round the base. I secured it with a few stitches but I’m sure some fabric glue would work just as well.

Both the frame and vase together look so pretty!

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