Future Craft Projects?

Whenever I’m browsing the shops I like getting ideas for things that can be made at home. Obviously, it would be a lot easier to buy (and probably in some cases cheaper!) but a lot of the time the fun is in the making and not so much the buying. Some of the things I’ve seen recently that made me think ‘I can make that’ are below.

Ribbon Votives

I saw these candle votives over Christmas and thought it was a great idea. A few plain votives, glass jars, small vases, some pretty ribbon, buttons or beads and glue. All together makes a great candle holder!

Buttons picture

This button picture I’m definitely going to create. In fact, I’m a bit disappointed I never thought of the idea myself! So very simple- box frame, and various different buttons sewn onto some fabric to create a shape.

Owl Cushion

The owl cushion on the other hand may be a step too far! I’ve noticed a proliferation of owls over the last few months adorning plates, tea towels, mugs, wallpaper etc and seen quite a few shops selling cushions like this one. Maybe this is one to purchase and not to make…..

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