Felt Tree Decorations

Felt Tree

Even more tree decorations today! These are ones that I’ve been making myself for a few years now. Felt is a great fabric to work with as it’s so easy to cut and of course doesn’t fray at the edges. The variety of colours you can find are endless! I get my felt from a number of shops: Boyes in Beverley (I think I’ve mentioned them before!), The Range, and Hobbycraft. Boyes even sell it on a roll so you can get it for table-runners or other bigger projects.

Felt Stocking

These decorations came about as I had loads of sequins to use. I cut out the stocking or tree shape (after drawing a simple pattern and tracing around it)- two for each decoration. Then I planned out a pretty design with sequins. I particularly impressed myself with the holly design on one of the stockings! These are sewn on with gold thread and then the whole thing sewn together with an overstitch. Remember to add a loop using ribbon so they can hang from the tree.

Felt Stocking

The stockings can be used to put little gifts in for presents and of course can be scaled up to full-size if you feel so inclined!


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