DVD Storage Boxes

A few weeks back my husband put up the extra shelf in the front room. Since then, we’ve been looking for storage options for the DVDs and computer games that were to find their home there. We wanted storage that was easy accessible but hid the actual DVDs/ games from view. Basically, it came down to what type of boxes to buy! No other option was really available that would hide the DVDs/ games.

DVD and Computer Game Storage

As luck would have it we were passing Ikea last weekend and popped in for a few things. As I’m sure everyone knows they have loads of boxes in different colours and sizes to choose from. We went for a combination of black and white stripe, white hessian and olive green. Only four of the boxes are filled however, we overestimated the number we needed! Now it’s a case of deciding what to buy to fill the remaining three boxes…..

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