Decorating the Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorations

I have to admit I’ve had the tree decorated since the first weekend in December, however I know for some people the weekend before Christmas is still too soon! We do have an artificial tree but that has ended up in the shed and real trees have taken over for the last few years. The smell of pine leaves sends me straight back to my childhood and decorating the family tree with awful rabbits homemade from saltdough and painted purple! My mum always bought some chocolate decorations which usually got eaten when the tree was being packed away….

Tree Decoration

I like the traditional red, green and gold for the tree. Many of the decorations like the funny bearded angel and the snowman were a gift years ago from my mother in law. Every year I try to add some more to the tree, for example last year I bought some mushrooms and this year some apples. I also still use the multipack baubles that I bought from Argos for our very first tree about 10 years ago.

Snowman Tree Decoration

Each year I look through the magazines at new tree themes and each year I can’t bring myself to change! Maybe next year I should have two trees- one for traditional and one for crazy Christmas!


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