DVD Storage Boxes

A few weeks back my husband put up the extra shelf in the front room. Since then, we’ve been looking for storage options for the DVDs and computer games that were to find their home there. We wanted storage that was easy accessible but hid the actual DVDs/ games from view. Basically, it came down to what type of boxes to buy! No other option was really available that would hide the DVDs/ games.

DVD and Computer Game Storage

As luck would have it we were passing Ikea last weekend and popped in for a few things. As I’m sure everyone knows they have loads of boxes in different colours and sizes to choose from. We went for a combination of black and white stripe, white hessian and olive green. Only four of the boxes are filled however, we overestimated the number we needed! Now it’s a case of deciding what to buy to fill the remaining three boxes…..

New Throw for Spring

I picked up a copy of the latest M&S Spring/ Summer Home catalogue when I was in their Beverley store one lunchtime. I love flicking through the home catalogues (I also had the John Lewis one sent out last week) to see what the latest trends are and dream of rooms that look as lovely as they do on the glossy pages. At the moment the trends seems to be new takes on Scandinavian and mid-century design. Clean lines, bright colours, geometric patterns, pale wood and white.

Throw for Living Room

Anyway, what caught my eye was this lovely throw with it’s bright colours to banish the winter blues! On the internet at lunchtime I happened to notice that M&S were having a sale event on their home department and luckily enough the throw was 20% off. Really love it- brightens up the sofa and matches our lemon yellow walls. Since then, I’ve seen it recommended on both Ideal Home and Guardian- does this mean I have style?!

Future Craft Projects?

Whenever I’m browsing the shops I like getting ideas for things that can be made at home. Obviously, it would be a lot easier to buy (and probably in some cases cheaper!) but a lot of the time the fun is in the making and not so much the buying. Some of the things I’ve seen recently that made me think ‘I can make that’ are below.

Ribbon Votives

I saw these candle votives over Christmas and thought it was a great idea. A few plain votives, glass jars, small vases, some pretty ribbon, buttons or beads and glue. All together makes a great candle holder!

Buttons picture

This button picture I’m definitely going to create. In fact, I’m a bit disappointed I never thought of the idea myself! So very simple- box frame, and various different buttons sewn onto some fabric to create a shape.

Owl Cushion

The owl cushion on the other hand may be a step too far! I’ve noticed a proliferation of owls over the last few months adorning plates, tea towels, mugs, wallpaper etc and seen quite a few shops selling cushions like this one. Maybe this is one to purchase and not to make…..

Strasbourg Christmas Market

Strasbourg Christmas Market

I might of mentioned before that I enjoy going to Christmas markets. So far, we have been to Berlin and Strasbourg on mainland Europe.

Strasbourg Christmas Market

I love the way the whole city of Strasbourg decorate the outside of their houses to make the place feel so Christmassy. In the old town with it’s winding streets and beamed buildings the balconies and streets are decked with amazing festive displays.

Strasbourg Christmas Market

I’m not sure if each year there is a theme to the displays- the year we went seemed to be a lot of cuddly toys!

Strasbourg Christmas Market

The stalls in the different markets are full of such tempting things- almost too much to choose from!

Strasbourg Christmas Market

We didn’t come back with any decorations but we did come back with a big tin of little biscuits. Each one was a different flavour and each was exquisite.


Christmas Shopping

Since there’s only a fortnight to go I thought I’d better start on the Christmas shopping! So it was off to York on Saturday to see what the lovely city had to offer. Unfortunately, despite the many little streets and alleyways bursting with shops I found nothing at all (apart from the wreath for the door which I shall post later)! Looks like I will have to stick with online inspiration and last minute panic buying….. Here’s a couple of pictures of the streets around the Minster- the first is of The Shambles, named for the slaughterhouse waste that used to run down the street (very festive)! Hopefully the busy shoppers were more successful than I was!

The Shambles, York