Displaying Photos

We have so many photos taken of all our holidays stored on computer. They get shown to friends and family and every so often we take a look at them to reminisce about an enjoyable time or laugh at the rubbish outfits and stupid expressions. Most of the time they stay hidden away, forgotten about and pointless, just taking up storage space instead of being treasured. Photo albums seem a distant memory- the last time I filled one was our wedding album and even then it took ages to sort it all out!

Photo wall display

well, last year I decided something needed to be done about it. The inspiration came during a visit to the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art. The museum had on an exhibition of photographs (which in the main I didn’t particularly enjoy, I’m not sure modern art is for me….) but it did have a wall with photos that people had donated to the the museum which were displayed on thin ledges in rows covering the whole wall. This got me thinking that I could do something similar at home on the landing wall- a big blank white space that’s been screaming out for something to cover it. Instead of ledges to prop the photos on I decided on using string and some of those little craft pegs you can buy. I had some cute ladybird ones that I’d never found a use for and also bought some plain red and natural colour ones. The baker’s twine I found on eBay along with the plastic sleeves for the photos (they’re meant to be for cards). The hooks to tie the string to at each end of the wall and the cable fasteners to keep the string in place along the wall came from a DIY store.

Photo pegs display

I absolutely love it! It traces all our holidays over the last 10 years and has all of our favourite photos on it. The photos make me smile every day when I look at them- and isn’t that what your photos should do?