Christmas Snowflake Cross Stitch

This year, I turned my hand to a bit of cross stitch to make a little Christmas decoration. It came about after I finally found some embroidery hoops that I knew I had but couldn’t remember where! They turned up when I was doing a huge clearout of the bedroom cupboard. Anyway, I had a little kit that had been given to me to make a cross stitch card, unfortunately the design for the card wasn’t really my thing so I instead used the Aida from that to make my snowflake.

Christmas Snowflake Cross Stitch Materials

I decided to do a freestyle pattern as snowflakes are symmetrical and so lend themselves to making it up! I had spotted in one of my Christmas magazines the decoration in the picture above and roughly followed this to start off with. However, the snowflake was far to small to stop at that so I kept adding extra until it filled out the hoop. I just have it resting on the mantelpiece for now, maybe next year I shall cross stitch some more to make a proper display!

Christmas Snowflake Cross Stitch

Felt Tree Decorations

Felt Tree

Even more tree decorations today! These are ones that I’ve been making myself for a few years now. Felt is a great fabric to work with as it’s so easy to cut and of course doesn’t fray at the edges. The variety of colours you can find are endless! I get my felt from a number of shops: Boyes in Beverley (I think I’ve mentioned them before!), The Range, and Hobbycraft. Boyes even sell it on a roll so you can get it for table-runners or other bigger projects.

Felt Stocking

These decorations came about as I had loads of sequins to use. I cut out the stocking or tree shape (after drawing a simple pattern and tracing around it)- two for each decoration. Then I planned out a pretty design with sequins. I particularly impressed myself with the holly design on one of the stockings! These are sewn on with gold thread and then the whole thing sewn together with an overstitch. Remember to add a loop using ribbon so they can hang from the tree.

Felt Stocking

The stockings can be used to put little gifts in for presents and of course can be scaled up to full-size if you feel so inclined!


Santa Christmas Lights

As you’ve probably realised I don’t just put lights round the tree. As well as having them up the stairs and round the banister I have some over the mirror in the lounge. These happy santas were bought in the sales from M&S a couple of years ago. They look great stringed along the mirror spreading a cheerful glow over the mantelpiece.

Santa Lights


Santa Lights

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Decorations

I have to admit I’ve had the tree decorated since the first weekend in December, however I know for some people the weekend before Christmas is still too soon! We do have an artificial tree but that has ended up in the shed and real trees have taken over for the last few years. The smell of pine leaves sends me straight back to my childhood and decorating the family tree with awful rabbits homemade from saltdough and painted purple! My mum always bought some chocolate decorations which usually got eaten when the tree was being packed away….

Tree Decoration

I like the traditional red, green and gold for the tree. Many of the decorations like the funny bearded angel and the snowman were a gift years ago from my mother in law. Every year I try to add some more to the tree, for example last year I bought some mushrooms and this year some apples. I also still use the multipack baubles that I bought from Argos for our very first tree about 10 years ago.

Snowman Tree Decoration

Each year I look through the magazines at new tree themes and each year I can’t bring myself to change! Maybe next year I should have two trees- one for traditional and one for crazy Christmas!


Dining Room Decorations

In the dining room I have a different theme to the red and white or more traditional red and green that I have in the lounge and hallway. The theme is gold, bronze and shiny!

Fireplace Decorations

The fireplace has a huge mirror above it and is ideal for displaying some holiday goodies. The wreath was bought a couple of years ago from Next and I think looks great prop against the mirror. I have a lot of candles and baubles displayed on the fireplace too.

Winged Piggy Candle

This little piggy with wings came with five friends! I don’t have the heart to light him although I probably should- then I can buy something else glittery to put in his place!

Door Wreath

Red Door Wreath

One thing I did get in my unsuccessful shopping trip to York on Saturday was a wreath for our front door. There were loads to choose from at the market stalls- from the traditional holly, through pine cones and even ones with lychees as decoration! I went for this bright red one as I knew it would contrast really well with the blue front door. I should probably attach it more firmly to the wreath hanger but I have faith that it wont be stolen (famous last words anyone?!) Hopefully it will still be in good enough condition to save for next year.

Stacking Santas

I saw these stacking Santas in Lakeland last year and just had to have them! Not for full price of course, they were money off in the sale. I like their bright colours and they make a change from the usual candles/ baubles/ garlands that are around. Also, they store really easily!

Stacking Santas

Glass Jar Painting

This is a quick and easy craft and doesn’t have to be just for Christmas.

Glass Jar Painting

Collect up used glass jars and give them a good clean. If you don’t want to freehand on a design, draw it first on paper and then push the paper inside the jar so that the pattern is easy to follow. Use a glass decorating pen to make the outlines. I used gold and have done a number of patterns- stars and snowflakes are my favourites! If you’re feeling adventurous you could use glass paints as well- holly looks really good.

Painting Glass Jars

I use the jars as tealight holders- tie a pretty ribbon around the top. You can always use this idea to decorate jars if you make jams or chutneys for gifts. Probably wont survive the dishwasher afterwards though!

Decorating the Hall, Stairs and Landing

I’m quite fond of the red and white theme as demonstrated by the card holder that I posted about last week. As the walls, ceiling, woodwork in fact everything apart from the stairs are painted brilliant white in the hallway and landing then red decorations are definitely the way to go!



The picture above shows the lovely blue colour of our stairs (much better to hide the dirt!). The lights were from Tesco and the reindeer from M&S, both purchased last year.

Doorway to lounge

Here’s more of those reindeer and a glimpse into our lounge. The plastic doorknobs were bought as a temporary thing about four years ago and have so far not been replaced!


This final picture is of the banister on the landing. Some lights are wrapped around and I’ve tied some bright red baubles as well. The lights came from The Pier a couple of years ago, used to be one of my favourite shops for gifts and decorations until it went bankrupt!

Holiday Baubles

Can you guess where we went to get the baubles below? The Mickey Mouse bauble came back with us from Walt Disney World, Florida a few years ago and takes pride of place on the mantelpiece. The other bauble was from Macy’s in Chicago and was bought this year. I love having Christmas decorations that remind me of our travels!

Mickey Mouse Bauble

Chicago Bauble