Baking Books

I’m a complete sucker for any books on baking, I think it’s the indulgence and the homeliness of baking that draws me in. I actually don’t do much of the cooking (make that none!) but I love making cakes and desserts. Due to their fattening nature I only bake occasionally but I still can’t resist buying a new baking book. Nothing better than sitting down of an evening and drooling over recipes!

Short & Sweet Dan Lepard

The latest book I’ve purchased is ‘Short & Sweet’ by Dan Lepard. I’d read some really good things about the book and saw it for a good price on The Book People website so took the plunge. Also in it’s favour is the gorgeous colours on the cover! So far I’ve read through half the recipes (there are absolutely loads of them!) and already feel like I could do about half of them! At the weekend I made the caramel and hazelnut cake- I forgot to take any pictures but I can say without a doubt that it was as delicious as it sounds. Lovely and moist, nutty and caramelly (what else would you expect?!) Anyway, I’m definitely looking forward to trying out more recipes and will report back in more detail (and with pictures!) when I do!